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The LulyBoo Baby Lounge gives your baby a safe, comfortable and familiar place to play and sleep wherever baby is. The LulyBoo lounge folds in a second into a lightweight backpack for easy, hands-free travel. Great for use indoors and out. Canopy, toy-bar and plush toys attached. It provides a portable solution for active families.


  • Stylish cotton fabric surrounds a flexible foam interior
  • Waterproof underpad prevents messes from spreading
  • Removable cover for machine washing
  • Folds to a lightweight backpack
  • Coordinating toy bar and two removable plush toys included. Loops on toy bar let you interchange LulyBoo plush toys with others
  • Three-position canopy included
  • Outer pocket holds supplies
  • Recommended for babies up to 15 lbs. (6.8 kg) or until baby can push up or roll over unassisted

 Customer Reviews

This is great for newborns and if you travel Folds into a ..
This is great for newborns and if you travel Folds into a small backpack. Purchased it for my daughter who was traveling home from Colorado to stay for two weeks. This was wonderful....she used it at night and kept it in her bed with her. During the day brought it downstairs for him to sleep in. Very easy to toss in washer as well. Well worth the price...Rossiter V.
she was never comfortable and cried when placed in it
We bought the brica fold and go to keep next to the bed and my son refused to sleep in it. He cried and never seemed to get comfortable. I bought the Lulyboo and he slept like a stone. Also helps that it folds into a backpack for trips to the inlaws.Ashley C.
The backpack feature is indispensable. Not having to sacrifice a free hand to carry it takes it to the next level. Wish the bottom was sturdier though.Jennifer B.
Cant travel without it
Got the bed before a trip to Florida. Showed up before we expected and its first trial by fire at a wedding. Baby slept through the whole ceremony!!! Very happy ??Ruth G.
perfect wish they made one for over 20 lbs
I love this to keep at my house (Grandma). Baby loves it -started using it at 4 weeks. She is now 12 weeks and will soon outgrow it- She sleeps in it but also loves watching and hitting the hanging balls.Karen M.
Absolutely perfect for bed sharing
This item hardly disappoints maybe not for the reason you would think. They advertise as a travel solution but don't see a way to use it as such since it has no padding. On the other hand as a cosleeper its great! I would by it for that reason aloneMegan H.
Helped our Son Sleep without a Swaddle (I think!)
It was bought mainly to use to help with the transition from our room to his crib and we will keep him in the baby lounge until he outgrows it. That shouldn't be to much longer but has been a life saver1Nick D.
This was a perfect travel bassinet
Used it when travelling overseas and used a mosquito net and it worked like a charm. He was about 4 months and 20 poinds and had no trouble fitting. One this though, I wish it had a firmer base.Arron R.
Not for tall babies.
Even though our kid outgrew it in a month and a half we love love loved it while we used it. Always felt like the baby was secure for a nap and cover cleaned easily.Roger R.
Didn't quite meet expectation, by no fault of the company.
Shape right out of the bag is a little...weird. After a little shaping it seems to get better, but I wish it bounced back better. Also for the price I was expecting it to be better. Overall good though.Kabrina Y.
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