Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed

Brand Name Regalo
Model 5001
Rating ★★★★½ 
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An essential item for travel, sleepovers, nap time, and camping, the Regalo My Cot Portable Bed provides a safe, comfortable alternative to your child’s bed at home. The portable, lightweight cot includes a convenient carry case and sets up and folds down in seconds. Parents can rest assured that this portable children’s cot meets all current safety standards, thanks to its sturdy all-steel frame and a durable canvas bed liner.

  • Super for sleepovers, camping and daycare
  • Fold and Go, Incredibly quick and easy to set up and fold down
  • Durable all steel constructed frame that has a reinforced canvas bed liner
  • Washable blue matching fitted sheet; Includes color matching blue travel case
  • For indoor and outdoor use; Perfect cot for outings, traveling, camping, day care or lounging around the house

 Customer Reviews

An excellent dog bed!
I actually bought this for my dog and she adores it. Much less expensive than the traditional off the floor dogs beds and I can fold it up and take it anywhere I need to go. The top cover is great as I can just throw it in the washing machine. It's good and sturdy even with her jumping on and off it. I"m sure it's great for kids but dogs love it too!SGP1
Love this bed
I must admit I did not purchase this bed for the intended purpose. I purchased it for a camping bed for my dog. It is exactly what I was looking for, he loves it and it was cheaper than a folding dog bed. Triple win! The best part about this bed is the removable/washable cover. I highly recommend this bed for man or beast!Pergodious
Great sleep over cot for grandkids.
I purchased this cot for my grandkids to spend the night. My grandson loved having his own cot. I will be purchasing another one because sometimes I have more than two spending the night. He found it very comfortable, it had it's own sheet and he fell right to sleep. It folds easily and fits right back into the bag for easy storage. It's only been used for one visit so far, but it's quality and ease of setting up and storage has encouraged me to purchase the second one.massite1
Sturdy , lightweight , semi water resistant :)
Great buy ! Worth it and came in handy , I purchased 2 for my grand children on a short notice for Christmas .needed a bed and this saved the day . Had more family show up so easily moved to another room takes little spaceGammaRocks

I got this for my 3 year old son to replace his air mattress at Grandma's. He loves it and has from day one. It's extreamely easy to set up and break down that even He can do it. He has enjoyed sleeping on it and even sleeps later then he use to with it. Totally a wonderful deal. My husband and I are even thinking about getting two more for home for him and his baby brother so they can camp out in the living room back homeMamaKat1
Little pricey, but good.
I'm planning on using this when our daughter is too old for a crib in a hotel, but for now, I'm using it to train her how to sleep on a flat surface. She's doing pretty well. It's a very good, convenient product. I think it's a little pricey for what it is, but there weren't others out there. I would go for it, if you want something that's easy to carry around and set up.EllasMommy

Bought this bed for my daughter have had 6 years now still just as good as the day I bought it has been the best investment my now 4 year old son uses it almost nightly highly recommendedNikki
Very convenient, affordable, perfect size for storage and toddlerMIValentin

My triplets just out grew their Pack and Plays and I have been searching for something to use for traveling. This toddler cot has been wonderful! They fold down and up super easy..which is a plus when you need to set up and take down 3 beds. They also come in a nice travel sack which makes them easy to transport. The size is perfect for fitting practically anywhere. I appreciate that it comes with a sheet, but regular crib sheets will work as well. The cots sit close to the ground, so you don't have to worry about someone getting hurt if they roll off. Overall, a great solution for sleeping toddlers on the go.TravelingTripletMom
Awesome for quick trips!
We purchased this travel bed for our 2 year old son. We brought it up to our cabin for the week. Needless to say by the end of the week he wasn't having it anymore. We think if the bed had somewhat more of a mattress thickness, he wouldve been more comfortable. But it sure is a great purchase for the money and a fabulous "overnight" bed! He had a friend sleep over as well. It was easy to set up, perfect for one night and cheap!Mjfilbert

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