AirCloud Kids 2-Way Air Pump Inflatable Air Bed

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Brand Name Air Cloud
Model CAB-020
Rating ★★★★½ 
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A powerful AC motor inflates or deflates the air bed in under one minute. Plug it in, press the button and the bed inflates or deflates. The air bed also features a large air valve for manual inflation and deflation when electricity is unavailable. The top and side surfaces are a soft and luxurious, washable velvet-flocked fabric. The bed can be washed with any standard household fabric detergent. The bottom is a rugged, smooth heavy-weight PVC fabric. The bed will accommodate 200 lbs and kids as tall as five feet. The nine full-width I beams ensure a bed with no lumps or bumps. No hands on the floors as in standard 6 or 9 inch beds. This bed is 14" ensuring clean hands in the morning. This pretty to look at, but ruggedly built bed will withstand years of regular use.

AirCloud Kids 2-Way Air Pump Inflatable Air BedAirCloud Kids 2-Way Air Pump Inflatable Air Bed
AirCloud Kids 2-Way Air Pump Inflatable Air Bed
Cloud Kids Bed inflates in less than 1 minute with a fast & powerful multi-purpose 2-way AC air pump
Rugged but comfortable flocked velvet sleep surface
Ergonomic I-Beam internal construction
Washable with household detergents
Sturdy nylon carry/storage bag included
Quick-release air-valve (and exhausts even faster using 2-way air pump)Great for children up to 5 feet tall200 lbs weight capacity
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 Customer Reviews

Great for toddler and older
My 15 month old daughter loves this bed!!! She switched to a toddler bed at 11 months and we knew she wouldn't do well in a pack n play for travel.. This is a great size blows up very fast easy to take down and fits in its carry bag so easily I am very impressed the material is better than expected and I am so happy with this purchase will e getting one in blue when my son hits that age!Ladywest2
A Quality Air Mattress
I loved these air beds! I purchased two for my toddler nieces and they were plenty big enough. They were comfortable, easy to inflate (and deflate) and did not lose air like some others I have tried.Brista
Great Bed for the Grandchildren
These beds were big enough for a child (or adult of 5 feet.) Very comfortable and strong. My grand daughters jumped on them!GrandmaMarcy

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