Baby Boy Socks, 6-Pack

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Brand Name Yoga Sprout
Model 10790411_12-24
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The Yoga Sprout Boys No-Show Newborn Baby Socks features fun, comfortable athletic wear with rich colors and beautiful designs. They are a cute and stylish accessory for your baby. These striped socks, 6-pack will hug your child's ankles and keep their feet warm. Some come with colored soles while others with colored tips and heels. These toddler socks come in a variety of sizes that will allow you to choose the size that fits your kid the best.

Baby Boy Socks, 6-PackBaby Boy Socks, 6-Pack
Baby Boy Socks, 6-Pack
Yoga Sprout Newborn Baby Boys No-Show Socks 6-Pack:Features fun, comfortable athletic wear
Vibrant colors and playful patterns
Striped socks, 6-pack
Cute and stylish accessory for your baby
Different design choices
Comes with socks with colored soles and others with colored tips and heels
Available sizes: 0-6M, 6-12M, and 12-24M

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