Bestway 12" Air Mattress with Built in AC Pump

Brand Name Bestway
Model 14518
Rating ★★★★☆ 
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Provide traveling guests or yourself a place to sleep for the night with the Bestway Air.Mattress with Built in AC Pump. At 12" thick and with sturdy I-beam construction, it's cushy and accommodating as well as supportive. The flocked surface is soft to the touch while also keeping sheets in place. This Bestway mattress also features a convenient pump for rapid self-self inflation that takes less than three minutes. A built-in pillow goes along the entire top and offers added comfort for all sleepers sharing the surface. The vinyl material is durable, and a heavy-duty patch is included for making quick repairs. Place the 12" mattress inside the travel bag when deflated for convenient storage and transport. Open the safety valve for rapid deflation so you can get packed up and on your way sooner. Choose from a selection of sizes to meet your needs.

Bestway 12" Air Mattress with Built in AC PumpBestway 12" Air Mattress with Built in AC PumpBestway 12" Air Mattress with Built in AC PumpBestway 12" Air Mattress with Built in AC PumpBestway 12" Air Mattress with Built in AC PumpBestway 12" Air Mattress with Built in AC PumpBestway 12" Air Mattress with Built in AC PumpBestway 12" Air Mattress with Built in AC Pump
Bestway 12" Air Mattress with Built in AC Pump
Bestway 12" Air Mattress with Built in AC Pump:Safety valve makes it easy to inflate and deflate
Includes built-in 110-120V~ electric air pump (ETL approved)Inflates in 140 seconds
Suitable for indoor use, with a comfortable flocked sleeping surface and built-in pillow
Repair patch included to help repair if needed
Sturdy I-beam construction and pre-tested vinyl for durability
Includes 1 Bestway mattress airbed, 1 travel bag and 1 heavy-duty repair patch
Available sizes: twin, full and queen

 Customer Reviews

Comfortable air bed that's fast inflating
I got the Bestway Twin airbed for two main purposes: as a back up guest bed and also to use when tent camping if I have an 120 volt electrical hookup at the campsite. I slept on it one night to try it out and here's what I found: for a 220 pound guy, it's actually pretty comfortable and supportive. I did not bottom out on it and it held air all night with no apparent leaks. A tag on the cord says the bed can stretch with use and occasionally require more air to be pumped in but it seemed to hold pressure just fine. The built in 120 volt air pump is built into the end of the raised pillow section (can't feel it with your head when mattress is fully inflated) and has a built in storage compartment for the 6 foot long power cord. It's super simple to inflate: just plug in, turn the dial on the pump to the inflate symbol and in about 1 minute and 15 seconds it's firmly inflated. To deflate, simply turn the dial on the pump to the deflate symbol and in about 1 minute and 15 seconds it is fully deflated. There is a separate pull out valve so you could use a battery powered or foot pump that you provide in case you didn't have electrical power for the built in pump. The measurements stated on the box are a little off. The raised pillow section is 12 inches high, however, the main mattress is only about 9 inches high and tapers slightly down from that toward the foot area. Overall inflated actual measurements are 72 inches long by 36 inches wide. It's wide enough, long enough and thick enough to keep this big guy comfortable overnight. Not wide enough for two people. This airbed and all airbeds tend to pull your body heat into them (cooling effect) which is fine in the summer and outdoors in a tent. However, in the winter I'd strongly suggest placing a blanket on top of it to insulate yourself to keep it from pulling your body heat. There is a small patch included in case you puncture it and also a storage bag. Overall, a good product I'll use.T680
Great for any occasion
We have owned several airbeds before and all were great until they developed holes in them from kids jumping on them. My experience so far with the Bestway Airbed with Built-in Pump has been a good one. This airbed's dial is a little different than the others I have had. In the box you will receive the air mattress, 2 patches, a cloth storage bag to keep it in when not in use and instructions. The paper instructions has little to no words so you really have to pay attention to the images. The up position is to deflate the bed, the center left is to STOP airflow, and the down position is to inflate the bed. This airbed does not use batteries. You have to plug it into an outlet to pump the airbed up. You place the dial on "Stop" when plugging it up. Then once it is plugged in, turn the dial to inflate and watch the airbed rise. It will make a higher pitched sound when fully inflated. Then simply turn the dial back to stop to keep the air in. Once you are finished using it, turn the dial to deflate and let the pump deflate it for you. It literally takes less than a minute to deflate and inflate. The top of the airbed has a soft gray material. It has a "pillow" headrest on the end where the pump box is. The rest of the bed is made with a gray vinyl like material. This is a twin size mattress and standard twin sheets fit it just fine. My daughter used this for the past few weeks and it held up really well for her. We didn't notice any air leakage and she stated it was quite comfortable. It's easy to fold up and store. We both are really pleased and happy with this airbed and do recommend it. It's great for sleep overs and camping. Before using, make sure your floor is very clean from dirt and possible sharp objects, including tiny pieces of wood or other material that can be brought in on your pets. I have had this stuff cause holes in air mattresses I have had in the past.kesa76
Easy Blow Up, Easy air Out, and Comfy
Where were these yrs ago when I was camping out. Plug it in turn the knob to on and this bed fills up so fast with air, I was impressed. When I was ready to take the air out, I thought, Oh here we go, it will never fit into that small bag that comes with it. But it did, and it took no more than 5 min to get it in there too. When I turned the knob for the airbed to deflate, it was very fast. it sucked it out and then I was able to fold it flat as can be so it could fit into the handy bag that came in the box. Of course you can't shut the bag closed, but if you want just put it back in any container, or the box it came in for safe keeping when your not using it.
The comfort level was great. I put it all the air pressure way up but didn't over do it and the airbed was very comfortable to sleep on.
The top material is made of a nonstick substance so your sheets don't slide off, and it has a pillow top at one end of the airbed. It is light weight and easy to move around. There is a compartment for the plug after use, but the plug cord is not very long. You might need an extension cord depending where you need to put the airbed in a room.
I highly recommend this.photogdeb

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