Disney Minnie Deluxe Easy Fold Nap Mat

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Kids can get cozy anywhere, any time for years to come with the Disney Minnie Mouse Easy Fold Deluxe Nap Mat. Wider, longer and plusher than other mats, these measure a large 26 x 62 x 34; and feature extra thick filler for comfort and softness. From day care and preschool to slumber parties and trips, these extra-large, double sided deluxe mats will last thru years of use. Simply unfold these extra long, extra wide mats, perfect for kids up to 5ft tall. The sweet Minnie Mouse pad features an attached standard size pillowcase (pillow not included) and Minnie on a pink, purple and teal heart pattern on one side, solid pink on the reverse.

Disney Minnie Deluxe Easy Fold Nap MatDisney Minnie Deluxe Easy Fold Nap MatDisney Minnie Deluxe Easy Fold Nap MatDisney Minnie Deluxe Easy Fold Nap MatDisney Minnie Deluxe Easy Fold Nap MatDisney Minnie Deluxe Easy Fold Nap Mat
Disney Minnie Deluxe Easy Fold Nap Mat
Extra large 26 x 62 size; fits kids up to 5 feet tall; extra wide and extra long size
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 Customer Reviews

Disney Easy Fold Nap Mats–Versatile and Reversible
My Grand Kids (Girls) 2, 5, and 6 love these Deluxe Disney, Easy Fold, Nap Mats. Although these mats are sold and marketed as 'nap mats', these are some of the ways my little girls use these versatile mats:

* To watch children' shows on TV.
* Play their I-pad games.
* Read their books (even though none of them can actually read) – But looking at the pictures produces some wonderful stories while they relax on these mats.
* Play with their dolls and stuffed animals.
* Do their Yoga exercises.
* Eat some light snacks or candy.
* Play some children' board games while sitting on these mats.
* Listen to children' music as they wind down towards bedtime.
* And, of course . . . . . take a nap.

The quality and construction of these Disney nap mats is designed for easy cleaning and long life. They are made of 100% durable, Polyester microfiber with Polyester fiber filling. They wash easily in cold water on 'Gentle Cycle' and on 'Low-Heat' in the dryer, or, you can hang them out on your outdoor clothes line to dry for added freshness. Oh, they are reversible too, but the bottom side is a solid blue on the Mickey Mouse mat and pink on the Minnie Mouse mat. Dimensions are 26” wide x 62” long. My six year old Grand Daughter still fits comfortably on the nap mat. A standard sized pillow, 20” h x 26” w, fits in the enclosed pillow case. The mats include a carrying handle, which doubles as a travel loop. Please keep in mind that the child only lays on top of this mat. An external blanket may be needed if it is cool, or, to keep your child warm overnight. Something to think about if you are thinking of using this mat for a 'sleepover', for travel, at a friend's house, or at Grandma's.

I received both the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Nap Mats in exchange for an honest review. After two weeks of continued use my Grand Kids love these nap mats, especially the Minnie Mouse mat. This makes Grandpa one happy camper. Because I have three little girls and only two mats, I have to buy one, Minnie Mouse, of course (sorry Mickey).

I highly recommend these Mickey and Minnie Mouse Deluxe Easy Fold Nap Mats. They make a great birthday, or everyday, kind of gift to that special little one. They are comfortable, easy-to-clean, super-versatile, reversible, inexpensive, quality-made, durable, great looking, and most important the kids love 'em.Paul
This Disney "Minnie" nap mat is just about the cutest thing I have seen in a long time and one that little girls would just love for any purpose. The Deluxe Easy Fold Nap Mat is exactly that plus so much more. It is nice and soft feels good, no rough material and it is extra long as well as wide and reversible. The colors are all "girly" for sure and Minnie looks so cute. The purpose is a nap mat but it could be used on the floor for play time or for anything else. Just rolls up or folds and not heavy so even a youngster could carry it without a problem. All in all would make a great gift being something different that a little girl would love.PatNEPa
Perfect for a Little Girl!
This Disney Minnie Deluxe Easy Fold Nap Mat is just the cutest thing!
My Granddaughter can't wait to take her nap on it and she folds it up
and carries it with her where she is playing inside and she sits on it to
read or color or play wtith her Dolls.
This Mat is adorable and extremely well made and durable, as well as
very Feminine; which most little girls are very happy with.
It's light enough for a Child to handle and sturdy enough that it wouldn't
tear of come apart through years of use. I'm very impressed and it would
make a lovely gift for ANY little girl. I would highly recommend it to anyone
for the Little Girl in their lives!ShoppingSuzanne

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