Equate All-Purpose First Aid Kit, 140 Items

Brand Name Equate
Model 566904301
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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Be ready for minor emergencies with this Equate All-Purpose First Aid Kit. It holds all of the necessities for treating cuts, scrapes, burns and more. This Equate First Aid Kit offers bandages, instruments, wound dressings and other materials for do-it-yourself treatment. The durable plastic case holds 140 pieces, which makes it ideal for use in the home, office, during travel and much more. This emergency kit offers an organized place to store the contents and a built-in carrying handle for added convenience. It stores easily in a cabinet or on a shelf until needed. Be prepared with the Equate All-Purpose First Aid Kit.Making the right health decisions can be challenging. With a complete range of products and simple solutions, Equate allows you to take care of your family with confidence.

Equate All-Purpose First Aid Kit, 140 ItemsEquate All-Purpose First Aid Kit, 140 ItemsEquate All-Purpose First Aid Kit, 140 ItemsEquate All-Purpose First Aid Kit, 140 Items
Equate All-Purpose First Aid Kit, 140 Items
Equate All-Purpose First Aid Kit, 140 Items:Includes bandages, topicals and medicines, instruments and wound dressings
Emergency first aid kit is ideal for the home, office, school, dorm, camping, travel and much more
Durable plastic case
Organized for easy use
Utilize for cuts, scratches, minor burns and more

 Customer Reviews

Lanny Inc. Salon
Was perfect for what we needed because of the vCovid-19 VirusLannes
Be prepared!
I received the Equate 140 Piece First Aid Kit from the Spark Reviewer Program without any cost to me. I really like the case and contents are listed on the back. The kit contained more than what I expected quality topicals, medicines, bandages, dressings, instruments and is great to have on hand for emergencies. Every hurricane season I update my supplies so, I am glad to have everything I might need. Also, it comes with a small First Aid Guide.luddog
Great Kit to Have on Hand
Having a simple first aid kit on hand is an essential for anyone, but especially for those in active households. My son is a busy guy, and you never know when a simple scrape or small cut might occur. This Equate First Aid Kit has been a great item to have in the trunk of my car for those minor boo-boos. When the kit arrived, all 140 pieces fit nicely in the box, but after I took them all out to examine them, it was hard to get them all back in place. I consolidated them into groups, putting most of them in Ziploc bags per their type. Now I can grab (for example) just a simple bandage or acetaminophen tablets as needed. So in the attached photo, you will see my plastic bags and how I organized things. This is a fine product, and one I’m glad to have on hand.lhartness

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