Intex Kids 10 inch Travel Air Mattress with Hand Pump

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Brand Name Intex
Model 66810EP
Rating ★★★★½ 
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The Intex Kidz Travel Bed Set is the perfect combination of comfort, convenience and versatility. Separate the airbed from the frame to make an additional sleeping surface, or put them together for easy tucking of sheets. The frame of the bed provides for extra stability and ensures that your kids won't roll out of the bed. Includes a Hi-Output Hand Pump and a Convenient carry bag for storage and transport. The Inner Mattress fits a crib sheet.

Intex Kids 10 inch Travel Air Mattress with Hand PumpIntex Kids 10 inch Travel Air Mattress with Hand PumpIntex Kids 10 inch Travel Air Mattress with Hand PumpIntex Kids 10 inch Travel Air Mattress with Hand Pump
Intex Kids 10 inch Travel Air Mattress with Hand Pump
Intex Kids 10 inch Travel Air Mattress with Hand Pump: Intex Kids 10 inch Travel Air Mattress has a carry bag for convenient storage and transport Includes manual air pump Inflates and deflates quickly Uses standard crib sheets Pump included: Yes Indoor/Outdoor use: Yes Bed size: 66" Length x 42" Wide x 10" High Product type: Kids Airbed Mattress Overall thickness: 10" Overall width - Side to Side: 42" Overall length - Head to Toe: 66" Overall product weight: 9.16 lbs

 Customer Reviews

Pleasantly surprised
My 2 year old grandson loved "His Space" - plenty of room for his stuffed friends as well.(Did buy an electric pump to inflate it although the manual one it came with would have done the job.) Especially liked the removable and separate mattress. A crib sheet fit it exactly and it was thicker than I had expected. Softness or firmness could be adjusted. Still plenty of bumper room even with the mattress firmly inflated. Material looks and feels very durable - soft to the touch - no "plastic" feel. The mattress fits snugly down into the bumper.This bed is definitely excellent quality and much less expensive than most. My son & daughter-in-law took it with them when they left, so I'm planning to buy another one for their next visit. My 11 year old, 5' 3" grand daughter can almost stretch out full length in it and wants one! Just a very cozy and comfortable place to be! Any 4 foot tall child would be comfortable in it. Material is plenty 'heavy duty'. Very happy with the size of it. (tip: buy a pump that has a reverse on it so the air can be pumped out to deflate it completely for minimal space storage)RvonC
Perfect for sleepover's a Gram's house!
I have twin grandbabies that are 2. They are too big for the pack n play but not old enough to sleep in the spare bedroom alone. These beds will last a long time as they grow and get ready for Gram's big bed in the spare room. We bought two of these through Walmart and shipping was fast and easy (all my walmart purchases are), these beds set up with ease (we used an electric pump instead of the hand pump that came with it). The top is a soft "suede-ish" material so it warm. The mattress is separate from the frame and fits snugly in the frame. The sides are high enough so that they didn't fall out. I put sheets over the unit to protect the "suede-ish" top. They both went right to sleep and slept very well all night. Easy to deflate and store. Great purchase!topcat0701
Perfect Twin Fit
We have one year old twins and this inflatable toddler bed is perfect for them. I had to go to a wedding out of town and they've never slept well away from home. They did this time! I guess the inflatable "rails" made them feel secure. They snuggled right up to the edges and went to sleep. The first night was a little rough but that's no fault of the bed. That's my twins not liking their routine broken. The second night was much easier and by the third night they were very comfortable and happy with their new sleep arrangements. For now they both fit in the bed together but we'll be buying a second when they get a little bigger so they can each have their own.ArmyTwinMom

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