Lambs & Ivy My Little Snoopy Nap Mat

Brand Name Lambs & Ivy
Model 958SN
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Sized just right for travel, the Lambs & Ivy My Little Snoopy Baby Nap Mat provides your little one with a cute, comfortable place to rest. Embellished with popular cartoon characters, it offers a stylish, gender-neutral look. With Velcro closures and a convenient carrying handle, this daycare nap mat is easy to bring along, set up and put away after nap time is over. Proportioned with a little one's size in mind, this cute all-in-one pillow, mat and blanket measures 20-1/4" by 45". Personalize this cute Lambs & Ivy My Little Snoopy Baby Nap Mat with a name label to make it even more special. Your child can enjoy having his or her very own cozy place to curl up and recharge after long hours of activity. Ideal for travel and trips to Grandma's house, this adorable Lambs & Ivy nap mat serves as a clean, familiar place for your little one to rest or sleep.

Lambs & Ivy My Little Snoopy Nap MatLambs & Ivy My Little Snoopy Nap Mat
Lambs & Ivy My Little Snoopy Nap Mat
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 Customer Reviews

Came earlier than expected! Absolutely love it already! Very cute and soft!! The bottom doesn't have much cushion but that's okay because he won't be laying on the floor, as the daycare uses cots to lay their nap mats on. Would definitely purchase again.Brandy
Love the nap sack
Super cute in person, matches my sons crib setLucinda
My son's favorite!
My two year old absolutely loves his "snoopy bed" he uses it 4 days a week at daycare, and I wash and dry it weekly. So far it has held up wonderfully! The blanket portion does get a little "loved" in time, but my little guy likes that!

The only downside is that the pillow has become a little flat.. I'm considering unstitching and refilling the pillow with some machine washable/dryer safe polyfil of some kind.

Also should add that my son has been using this nap mat for about 5-6months now and still going strong! Even the Velcro remains in working order, that was one of my concerns, as I've seen beds that are used/washed so often lose their "stick"Leosmama

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