Stansport Electric Air Pump - 120 Volt AC

Brand Name Stansport
Model 439
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The Stansport 120V Electric Air Pump makes inflating your mattresses, toys, and other inflatables a breeze. When camping, you can quickly inflate your air mattress each night for comfortable sleeping. Inflating high-volume boats and large bouncy houses could not be easier. Setting up a backyard inflatable pool is quick and easy. The pump comes with a reverse flow setting, which speeds up the deflating process. This small and compact 120V air pump can be conveniently stored when it is not being used. Its small size makes it easy to transport from one location to another. We have included different size adapters in order to make sure you have the right-sized nozzle for all of your inflatable needs.

Stansport Electric Air Pump - 120 Volt ACStansport Electric Air Pump - 120 Volt ACStansport Electric Air Pump - 120 Volt ACStansport Electric Air Pump - 120 Volt AC
Stansport Electric Air Pump - 120 Volt AC
Quickly inflates and deflates all high volume, low pressure inflatables
Designed to inflate and deflate boats, toys and other inflatable devices up to full working pressure
Household 120 volt AC
Small and compact for storability
Sets up in seconds
You Save : $10.30Best Price

 Customer Reviews

Does what it says it'll do, and not too loud
I've used the 12v (hook to your car cigarette lighter) type air pumps and this thing is very quite compared to those. It's fast, and has several size plug options. This is not going to blow up a football or a basketball, but it will blow up a large pool or air mattress PDQ. Noise level is about like my daughter's 1500w hair dryer.georgiajeff
Great little pump.
Works great. Inflates as well as deflates. Unfortunately it is very loud! For the price it is worth the few minutes of the excessive noise. Great for the large pool toys especially when you have to deflate them.Shoppingmomma14
Stansport Electric Air Pump
Stansport Electric Air Pump is fine as long as you're at home or near AC power. I wished i have paid a little more and bought the battery powered pump though.oohdale

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