The American Spirit Sport Whistle

Brand Name The American Spirit
Model 301-ITG
Rating ★★★★☆ 
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The item you have in your hands has been lovingly crafted with pride in America's heartland at our Columbus, Ohio facility. Since 1956 our sports and safety whistles have touched the lives of millions of people daily. From coaches to teachers and police officers to college students, whistles play a vital role: ? On the Field Start the action or stop it cold?over long distances or crowd noise ? For Personal Safety Keep one on your keychain when jogging, walking etc. to frighten attackers and call for help. ? For Camping, Marine and Outdoor Use Give one to campers and hikers to use if lost or in danger. Alert swimmers and boaters to danger.

The American Spirit Sport WhistleThe American Spirit Sport WhistleThe American Spirit Sport WhistleThe American Spirit Sport WhistleThe American Spirit Sport WhistleThe American Spirit Sport Whistle
The American Spirit Sport Whistle
Solid Brass
Extra Sharp Tone
Triple Pleated

 Customer Reviews

USA whistle loud, Wally doubles price
I really like this USA made whistle! I find it to be loud and easy to blow. The silicone guard is nice touch to protect teeth and lips cold or not! Was turned on to American Whistle Corp Whistle by Greg Gutfeld Show doing factory tour. Bought several for family as an added layer of safety! From getting turned around in woods to unwanted solicitation in parking lot...Real Life and this noise maker made the difference of being found quickly as well as getting rid of a jerk!
Biggest DISAPPOINTMENT is Wal-Mart nearly doubling the price in less a year! Guess Wal-Mart C-19 profiteering extends to all products, even whistles. :(George

Perfect for camping if someone is lost.Chase
Why did you buy whistles!
I bought four to add to adventure packs for grandchildren so haven't taken them out of package. But I have a feeling Christmas could be very loud and it will be parents screaming at me!Marsha

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