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The Shrunks Sleepover Kid’s Twin Travel Bed is suitable for parents who want to take their kids between the age of 5 and 8 going out for traveling. Most of the time, parents are worried about their kids’ sleeping arrangement with the consideration that they’re growing and need extra sleeping of their own. Parents often don’t know what to do whenever they want to take their kids on camping trip or other holiday trip. But when these parents have this toddler travel bed, they won’t need to worry anymore about any sleeping arrangement issue anymore.

The Shrunks Kid’s Twin Travel Bed Specs and Features
Parents who are active and love to go out in the nature should consider having the Shrunks Kid’s Twin Travel Bed in their inventory. The traveling bed is great and very helpful whenever they want to take their kids with them. Holiday season should be fun and enjoyable, not frustrating and stressful. When people are traveling, they should have enough good quality sleep. If parents equip themselves with the Shrunks Sleepover Kid’s Twin Travel Bed, they can be sure that their kids will have enjoyable rest and all of them can enjoy their holiday together. Other benefits of using this toddler travel bed are:

  • It’s made of safe and comfy materials – the PVS – so it won’t contain any harmful substance like the Phthalates, BPS, or lead.
  • The design is very unique and comfortable. It’s also very soft and relaxing. Children can easily lie down on it and fall asleep instantly.
  • Parents can always bring their own blankets and sheets from home and then tuck them on the bed so that their kids will feel as if they never left home.
  • It’s easy to inflate and deflate. Since it’s equipped with electric pump, setting up the bed will only take a minute.
  • It comes with storage bag from nylon so it won’t scatter around. Parents can have orderly and managed storing.
  • It has side rails so that the children won’t roll off the bed easily.

Product Information :

  • Minimum weight recommendation : 35 Pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation : 300 Pounds
  • Style : Portable / Inflatable Air Beds
  • Batteries required : No
  • Product Dimensions : 79 x 51 x 4 inches ; 11 pounds

The Shrunks Kid’s Twin Travel Bed Review
The Shrunks Kid’s Twin Travel Bed is a great traveling item for kids, especially when the possibility of having extra bed is very small or limited. Parents now don’t need to worry about sleeping arrangement anymore since the have the traveling bed. They can always keep the bed inside their car or other storage compartment because it’s foldable, efficient, and light. For them, they don’t have anymore problems with sleeping or sleeping arrangement. They can always set up the bed easily and fast, anytime they want to. Children also like the bed because it’s comfy and relaxing. When they use the bed, it feels as if they were sleeping on their own bed at home.

So far, there’s no complaint about the traveling bed. Most parents – and kids – think that the bed is very useful, handy, and useful. They love everything about it; from the design, the styles, the comfort, and the flexibility.

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 Customer Reviews

Very nice indoor air mattress
This is a well constructed youth air mattress that can support 150 pounds. Simple and quick to inflate with the provided pump. I inflated both chambers and two weeks later they were still both inflated. Although it is shorter than a twin bed the sheets for a twin bed work fine, you just tuck the little extra length in under the ends. The raised edges on the outer part should help in keeping a smaller child from rolling off of the air mattress. Another great feature is the deflate feature of the pump. This is very useful in removing all the air to make the mattress easier to roll up for storage. It would be better if the storage bag was slightly larger as putting the mattress in the bag is a tight fit.This indoor travel bed would be great when traveling and more bed space is needed in the motel room. Also would be great at home for the kids of out of town guests or for sleepovers. I recommend this to anyone needing an air mattress that kids up to 5'6" can get a good nights sleep.retiredfarmerbob
Perfect for grandchildren.
The Shrunk Indoor Kids Travel Bed was such a great idea because it has raised sides for children. Most young children fall of regular beds and even air matresses. This one is perfect for my great-grandchild because she can sleep comfortably without me worrying that she is going to fall off and get hurt. It is very soft and inflating it is super easy. Unlike other inflatable beds, the softness of the top layer really helps so that all you need is a thin blanket to put on top. The carrying case for it is Sur convenient so that you can take it anywhere. No more sleeping child on the floor! There is also the fact that it is light enough to travel with and carry around. I am a elderly and handicapped. This is light enough for me to carry around or put on my Rollator Chair. Set up is easy. The pump is not big and bulky like some others and you can store it in the bag once the mates is inflated. I absolutely recommend this product to grandparents or caretakers that have children stay with them.dl123sto
Excellent product, a must have
I received this bed as part of the spark reviewer program.
It is a very nice and comfortable travel bed.
It came in a nicely packaged box that is about the size of a shoe box. It came with everything you need to get it working and get it inflated. It comes with the instruction manual telling how to set it up, 3 patches in case you perforate it, and the electrical inflation pump.
It is a full twin size bed type and it is very comfy. I have already take a nap on it and it can support me very easily (I have an average weight, around 178 pounds, and the bed can support me without any issue), so I guess that it can easily support any child. So this is great if the case is that your sons invites a friend.
The only issue with the bed, as with other products that comes very well and nicely packaged (such as pools for example), is its storage. Once you fully inflate the bed and use it, then deflates it, it is impossible to make it fit again in the original box; well, not really a product issue, but a real annoying thing. You may want to purchase a bigger plastic box to place the bed once you deflate it.
A missing feature that would be very nice, would be the possibility to remove the brown area of the bed, and make it a little smaller bed, somewhat the size of a toddler bed. At first I tought that this was possible, since the union of the brown area and the outer ring looks like it is removable, but is not. be careful and try not to remove it by force since you can damage this nice bed.
Overall a very nice product. Highly recommended.
childs wonder bed
i had no idea this would be so lavish it has two sections to blow up'i blew up the bottom first and it was large then i blew up the top it has a thick padding good for young kids. i have a five year old great grand daughter that loves to roll and tumble on it she is a special needs child and this affords her the greatness to do her excerises on it it is nice. the younger boy loves coming over to my sons he gets a bed alone now he is about 10 so he thinks that is great. this is nice with the baby and her sister they can play with you close by and it is nice with sides for some protection. i would strongly suggest getting this when i go camping for over night small guest spending the night. this is so nice for spending the week with relatives we use to make pallets on the floor a little hard. this mattress has a motor to blow it up just plug it into othe wall also has a nice bag for folding and storage very convient. C hristmas is coming a nice present for that camper child.pgreene
Very comfortable
This bed is very comfortable. the picture does not do it any justice. There is even enough space for me to lay down next to my child when he wants mommy to lay next to him. Easy to set up. There are two opening, one for the inside and the other for the surrounding clear part. Comes with an electronic pump. The pump has several attachments you can use although you only need one. I would suggest inflating the inside part first and then the surrounding part makes it easier. The middle is velvety and soft. You can out a twin sheet and tuck it in between the center and the outer portion. I would absolutely recommend this mattress.Fml2008
Pretty Good
This air mattress is pretty good. It is a thick plastic, and has some velvet on the bed where you lay down. It's a 2 piece set which is nice. One is the mattress you lay on, the second is the sides of the mattress. It does come with its own air pump that is electric powered not battery and has two repair patches. The mattress itself is not as thick as I thought it would be. It's only about 4 inches tall completely aired up. I thought it would have been at least 8 to 10 inches tall. That was the only thing that I wasn't crazy about for the mattress. And also I thought the sides would have been taller since it was one of the big selling points for this mattress. As long as nothing crazy happens on it, it should hold up pretty good for the 2 year old to 8 year old range. Would be really cute in colors.Walker16
It serves a purpose.....
I must initially say that I have never slept on anything other than a regular mattress or a comfortable sofa in my entire 65 years; therefore, needless to say, I had no idea what to expect and had nothing to compare my experience with this travel/air bed. It was very easy to take out of its package and open up. lol It first looked like a big clump of clear-ish plastic with a lined rectangle of this suede-like material in the entire center of all that mess! I didn't even have to read the enclosed directions (which, by the way, were very easy to understand, as well as simply written so that my 7 year old grandson understood its direction(s) and every word written). Immediately I spotted the two openings where I would insert the pump and fill it with air. I'll describe the pump in a minute. The air-holes were easy to open. First, we had to fill the top part; you know, as in the above picture of it, the top is that lined, darker part that sort of feels like a courser suede. That's the part, of course, you sleep on. All I had to do was insert the nozzle of the air pump, wait about two (2) minutes, if that, and the bed was formed, nice and hard...until I removed the pump's nozzle and some of the air leaked out. With the attached closing piece, I sealed up Hole #1. Some air had leaked out when I removed the pump, before I was able to snap it shut, so it wasn't as firm as I would have liked. Next, it was time to fill the bed's base. That filled up with air as quickly as the bed part did and actually remained firm as I snapped the tab shut. My grandson remarked how cool the bed was because the clear plastic forms a higher wall type formation to keep a youngster from rolling off. I thought that was a clever and necessary surprise! The base of the bed, made from that clump of clear plastic I mentioned earlier, was so smooth to the touch. My grandson laid on the bed (now, remember, he is 7 and a tad small for his age) and rolled from side to side, testing the "rails". As he did that, he was unable to fall off the bed at all, no matter how hard he tried and then said, "Yep, Nana, these really work; I can't roll off onto the floor no matter how hard I try!" Because the clear plastic was so smooth, he didn't get hurt one bit. That is evidence to me that this travel bed is truly safe for even way younger kids who move around in their sleep. The bed itself measured 6 inches high; the "rails" added another 4 inches. Now to tell you about this pump. Well, it was remarkable. The directions said that if I held the pump up to the opening it would fill, but not so quickly as opposed to if I inserted the nozzle into the hole, it would fill more quickly. Well, it did! It did not take but a couple of minutes to fill each part (upper and lower) of the bed. The pump is lightweight so it was very comfortable to hold. There is a very visible on/off switch which is simple to use. The remarkable thing about this pump, though, was what was so thoughtfully included on the pump. There were three (3) differently shaped nozzles which all easily snapped onto the main nozzle so that you could insert into almost any shape or size hole. The enclosed booklet said this airbed was made for one child, but possibly two could fit if the combined weight only reached 150 lbs and to definitely not exceed that limit. My being 105 lbs and petite and my grandson being 37 lbs and petite, we just had to try. He found it all extremely comfortable and fell asleep as soon as I turned and kissed him goodnight! I couldn't have stayed on the travel bed for any longer than I did (3 minutes the most) because when I laid down, I felt my back touch the floor. The bed didn't become as firm as I would have liked because I was afraid to pop it. I believe the features such as the heightened "rails", the softness of the base's plastic, the light weight and ease of use of the pump and the added nozzles of various shapes and sizes give this travel bed all the great features anyone would ever want or need. It has a neat appearance, even when I covered it with a mattress cover I had in Twin size. The extra padding made the "suede-like) middle much more comfortable to lay on. It feels sturdy; I really don't think that if the bed is respected and not jumped on or over-filled with air, it will break. Included are two patches which can be cut to any size needed, in case something does get broken. They just thought of everything! My grandson finds this air bed very comfortable, unlike myself, which I don't think I could last a night on it. The manufacturer used neutral colors for this air bed so it goes with any decor or color scheme, if that's what is important to you. Like I've already said, they thought of everything we could possibly need to make this bed a success! Putting it away was just as easy; all we did was un-pop the plugs to the air holes and help push the air out. Then all we did it fold it up and replace it in the large draw-string bag which was also included! I believe this travel bed is a winner, whether you take it out to someone else's house or use it at home. I highly recommend.ChocFULLONutz
Great inflatable bed for at home or travel!
I ordered this bed for when young visitors come to our house to sleep on. It has been used once so far and worked well. It will be convenient for extra sleeping space when we have visitors or when we go and visit someone else. I especially liked that it came with a carrying case, inflatable electric pump, and a repair kit. I also liked that any standard twin sized sheets will fit comfortably on the bed so it makes it feel more homey and comfortable. An added feature for real small children is that it has raised "rails" on both sides of the bed to help prevent falling off the bed an onto the floor.JMT1002
Good Travel Bed
This bed worked nicely for my children (ages 2 & 5). Twin sheets fit well and stayed tucked in. My 2 year old, who is a light sleeper, slept soundly on it as it did not make any noise when he rolled over or moved. I am 5'3" and was also able to sleep on it pretty comfortably. I like the size of it when packed. I was able to get the bed rolled up and the pump into the bag provided pretty easily. There are cheaper air mattress options, but I like the quality of this product and I think it will work well for quite a while.Steph
Easy to use
The Shrunks Indoor Kids Travel Bed is a wonderful product. It is small and compact. It is easy to set up and use. It is easy to travel with and compact.

We used the Shrunks Indoor Kids Travel Bed the first time we had the whole family staying in our 2 bedroom home. We set it up in my daughter's bedroom on the floor for her cousin to sleep on with our daughter and another cousin. For the third girl we used an old toddler bed mattress, which was perfect size for a 4 year old.

The older girl loved the Shrunks Indoor Kids Travel Bed because it was the right size for a 7 year old, comfortable, and looks very much like a real bed--which is what she wanted to sleep in at the time.

As parents, we are pleased with the outcome of the sleep over for the kids, and were happy that there were raised sides on the Shrunks Indoor Kids Travel Bed to help prevent the child from rolling out of bed. Now we only had it on a floor, so she would not have fallen far, but still like the safety feature.

The second time we used The Shrunks Indoor Kids Travel Bed was on a camping trip. We know it is meant for indoors, but we used it inside a tent because we did not have enough air mattress for everyone. We did lay a sleeping bag underneath it to help prevent it from popping because it was meant for indoors. But found that we did not have to worry about that aspect at all.BooBerry2

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